The Cost of Treating CV Disease and The Best Instrument for Prevention

I was blogging with an international group of nutritionists and thought I would pass this along to all of you as well.

Carol Amendola D’Anca MS, CNS, LDN

Principal at Food not Meds LLC
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The annual cost of bypass surgery in the U.S. is $50 Billion. We spend $21 Billion on statin drugs and $5 Billion on stents. These numbers are credible and I can cite the references if needed.

Despite the above, the line is not getting any shorter to the surgical suites and heart disease remains the top ranking cause of death. Every 25 seconds someone in the U.S. has a “cardiac event”.

I agree with Dr. Morrison’s comment in the Journal of American College of Cardiology:

“Nothing, nothing nothing – not statins, not angiotensin-receptor blockers, not beta
Blockers, and most assuredly, neither BMS nor DES nor bypass grafts constitutes either a cure for coronary artery disease or is risk free.”
Dr. Douglass Morrison, Journal of American College of Cardiology 2010; 55: 1943-4.

The best instrument for prevention is our own fork. Carol D’Anca

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