Ten Interesting Ways to Eat Your Greens

10 new and interesting ways to eat your greens- and LOVE them. From Danielle Omar, Nutritionist

Here’s how:

1. Juicing and Smoothies
Do you find the texture of greens is hard on the palate? Add kale, spinach or arugula (my fav) to your morning breakfast smoothie or blend with an apple for a refreshing green juice.

2. Saute Seasonal Greens
This is the perfect time to visit a local farmer’s market or spring farmer’s festival. Greens will be more fresh and flavorful when they’ve just been harvested! Saute them in a little olive oil and garlic for a delicious, easy side dish.

3. Bite-Size Snacks
When you’re craving potato chips, substitute green snacks instead, such as kale chips, roasted seaweed, or watercress.

4. Add New Greens to Your Salad
Do you find yourself bored eating the same salad day after day? Try incorporating new greens into your salad such as purple kale, arugula, spinach and collards.

5. Enliven Your Soup
Add some zing to your next pot of soup by incorporating kale, mustard Greens, Swiss chard, or sprouts.

6. Steamed Greens
Greens such as Swiss chard, mustard greens, and cabbage are delicious when they’re steamed. Why steamed instead of boiled? When you boil leafy greens in water you can destroy vitamins and lose minerals. Steaming or sauté will preserve vital nutrients!

7. Add Greens to Dishes You Already Love
You don’t eat what you don’t like, right? Think about the recipes you make the most and see what creative ways you can include some leafy greens into them. Try adding baby spinach to your omelet or tossing into warm pasta. Sneak into macaroni and cheese or bake into a casserole. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

8. Spice Up Your Dish
Don’t forget the spice! Parsley, dill, and thyme are all greens that are often forgotten. You can add fresh herbs to most everything you cook or try an herb pesto with pasta.

9. Wrap it up
Sub greens like collards and chard for sandwich wraps. Replace lettuce with baby spinach on your turkey burger.

10. Green Dessert
Yes, greens can make there way into dessert. Try adding puréed spinach into your brownies and other baked desserts for an unexpected flavor of sweetness!

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