Heart Healthy Recipe Book
182 pages of beautifully presented,
delicious, healthful plant based recipes,
all naturally gluten free, sugar free, animal
and dairy free.

Real Food for Healthy People
also serves as a guide for organizing your
kitchen, stocking your pantry, learning
about basic culinary tips and more!


Written by Integrative Nutritionist and Founder of “The Academy of Plant Based Nutrition” Carol D’Anca MS, CNS, LDN

Real Foods Sneak Peek“Trained in the science of Nutrition at Rosalind Franklin University of Science and Medicine, Carol has generously shared recipes to reclaim your health and life. Eating this way can reverse heart disease, improve and often reverse diabetes, reducre your risk of cancer, osteoporosis, stroke, dementia and autoimmune disorders. I invite you to bring her recipes to life with all the joy & clebration she constantly shares. This is what I observe when she teachers healthful cooking to my patients at the Michael E. Debakey Institute in Kenosha Wisconsin.  It is an honor to celebrate the first printing of this cookbook and resource guide.”
Kevin J. Fullin MD FACC, Medical Director, Michael E. Debakey Heart Institute

Real Food for Health People is much more than a cookbook; it’s a guide for living both sumptuous & energizing. I have lectured and cooked with Carol, witnessed firsthand the supremely positive energy that permeates her work & infuses her culinary magic with love.  Real Food for Health People will elevate you – a special gift delivered with a very big heart.”
Stephen Devries, MD; Executive Director, Gaples Institue for Integrative Cardiology

“Can you imagine food that is simple to prepare, delicious to taste, and healthy to eat? Carol D’Anca proves that this can easily be a reality. The secret is wholesome ingredients and expert recipes, and she gives you a guide to both in this book.  You’ll want this on your kitchen counter for easy access – it’s a cookbook that sure to become a go-to in any household!”
Neal Barnard, MD, President, Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Medicine at The George Washington University of Medicine, Washington D.C.

“Carl D’Anca is a leader in the use of plant based, whole food nutrition, especially in the prevention and reversal of chronic illness. In addition to her proficiency as an integrative nutritionist, Carol is also a truly gifted gourmet chef who teaches individual clients and groups how to dine elegantly, deliciously, and economically while taking advantage of healthful properties of a wide variety of plant based foods.”
Joan Levin, J.D., M.P.H.

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