It’s Garlic Harvest Time!

When I went outside last November and planted small cloves of garlic in the garden I had only visions of harvest time. But, watching it grow from small sprouts to huge heavy topped plants is always fascinating. And now, here it is mid-July and the garlic was ready for harvesting.  I’ve reserved enough to re-plant in the fall and yet we have enough to last until spring. It’s been said that gardeners must believe in tomorrow – I love that thought.

*The enjoyment of planting garlic is just the beginning of the experience because garlic contains phytonutrients with many health benefits including anticarcinogenic properties, active liver detoxification enzymes, inhibits cholesterol synthesis, reduces blood pressure and improves immune responses including building resistance to infectious organisms and parasites.

*Reference: Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists Guide: Section 2B, Bioactive Phytochemicals

Photo credit: Giovanni D’Anca

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