Heart Attack Grill is a fast food hamburger restaurant located in Las Vegas founded in 2005.

Heart Attack Grill is a fast food hamburger restaurant located in The restaurant sells giant versions of meals that have been American favourites for generations. For example, the Quadruple Bypass Burger weighs in at 9,982 Kcal and contains 1,4 kg of ground beef. There are also fries that are cooked in lard and drinks like sodas that are packed with caffeine and sugar. Also, anyone who weighs in and tips the scale over 158 Kg before they eat can eat for free!

Another curiosity of this place is that it is hospital themed: Heart Attack Grill has waitresses dressed as nurses who take orders on prescription pads and wrap tags around each individual’s wrist showing what they ordered. 1

The restaurant also uses the tagline: “Taste worth dying for”.

Irony of the destiny, in the recently news: “An unofficial spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas died of a heart attack”. 2

Should Heart Attack Grill be shut down as a health hazard or should we continue to allow people to continue eating there? Should state health regulators step in to shut places down that really do raise heart attack risk? 3

In the matter of food safety there are a lot of regulation and inspections for restaurants. Food safety authorities do not allow a restaurant to use the tagline: “Fried eggs Salmonella dying for”,

Why can’t we consider nutritional hazard in food safety systems, like we do with biological, chemical and physical hazard?

However why are people still going to Heart Attack Grill?

Customers are free of choice if they are informed about the risks… And in this case customers can’t complain about that.

Probably one of the things those customers are trying to say is: “We know what we’re doing – we’re going into this with our eyes open. We’re unafraid, we’re not running away from anything, and that’s not just because we’d immediately be drenched in sweat if we tried.” 4

On the other hand, this is what makes countries free. If you don’t like what’s on TV, change the channel. If you disagree with what’s on the radio, turn it off. If you don’t want to eat in a restaurant that doesn’t serve healthy food, go get a salad.

Are their burgers really worth dying for? If you’ve been there, let me know how it is.

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Vegas founded in 2005.

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