What We Can Learn From the Italian Lifestyle

The magnificence of Italy’s beauty is undisputed in the world. We are fortunate when we are able to visit while on vacation, or through photos – many of them posted on Facebook and Instagram.

And yet, I wonder, of all travelers that visit Italy how many get to experience, if even at a minimum, a brief understanding of what the Italian way of life is all about.  This experience does not come from day trips while on a cruise or a “run through” of the big cities.  Real life in Italy is in the small towns throughout the countryside, places where a way of live has existed for centuries and continues today. This is what I love most about Italy.

Take gardens for example – both edible and flower gardens. An edible and flower garden around a home replaces a lawn. The love of gardening and its skills are passed down through the generations. Small children become familiar with gardening at a very early age and most likely spend time with their Nonna and Nonno in the garden. And, for the adults, the wonderful produce that comes out of the garden brings not only a sense of pride but of good health. The side benefit of course is the regular exercise, the sunshine and fresh air that goes along with it all.

Here’s a photo of a garden that I took on the Amalfi Coast two years ago – I stood in absolute awe of its beauty. It was/is a haven for someone who lives for whole food plant-based nutrition!

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