Artichokes, the stunning bud of a plant in the thistle family, are in season March through May. Italians have a deep attachment to this vegetable, which is native to the Mediterranean and first appeared in modern records in Naples around 1400. The globe artichoke frequently shows up on lists of top 10 detox foods — and it’s no wonder. An elegant member of the aster family, it’s low in calories, a good source of vitamins and minerals, and replete with nutrients that ease digestion and lower cholesterol, among other wellness rewards. HERE is a simple artichoke with lemon and dill recipe that you will be sure to enjoy.

For myself, I throw my artichokes, (after de-clawing them with a pair of kitchen scissors) into a pot of vegetable broth and simmer for about an hour. Add some easy yummy dips and you’re done. Click HERE for dip recipes.

I just picked up four artichokes to cook today. Get yours!

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