Combining Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Nutrition
to Promote Health and Longevity

As a result of personal experience and professional training Carol D’Anca is fiercely committed to guiding people preventing the major cause of death in the U.S., heart disease and the associated chronic illness of diabetes and hypertension.

Combining advanced degrees in nutrition and nearly two decades of exploring solutions to help her husband and others regain their health; Carol is both professionally and personally prepared to help you and your loved ones.

She serves in a four unique ways:

CarolUnderstanding that any chronic illness is a family disease as well as a personal disease. Her knowledge base as a supportive spouse means she has “walked the walk” and reaches out to the entire family who many times needs guidance to offer the best support.

Not only educating about necessary dietary changes to re-build health but showing you how to achieve it by adopting nutritious plant based cuisine that is surprisingly delicious.

She has developed the combination of taking theoretical knowledge and making it practical and usable for everyday living.

For those wanting to immerse themselves in the lifestyle, cooking and community of an ancient culture that promotes health and longevity, she hosts culinary trips to Italy. These trips allow individuals the unparalled experience of briefly living the healthy “Mediterranean Way of Life and learning how to eat, love and live.

Her path to becoming a board certified nutritionist became clear at a very early age; Carol will tell you that she was born to become a nutritionist. From the time she was 14 years old and realized her diet (typical Mediterranean diet of her family of origin) was different from the diets of those around her when she entered middle school.

If you are looking for a proven professional that can help you avoid coronary procedures, reduce the need for multiple medications and their side effects Carol is well qualified to help.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact her work has had on their lives. Example comments include:

A great night! The food was excellent! I loved seeing the exchange of recipes and people eager to try new things! Carol’s presentation was very informative and inspiring. Good reminders and lots of new information!!

Shari M-
You are exceptional to work with. I have already received lots of wonderful feedback from the patients who attended your presentation and demo. You have been of tremendous help to them as these high-risk patients continue to journey to recovery.
Kevin F-
You are doing amazing things! Oh that every city could have one of YOU!
Ann E-

I feel so lucky being part of this wonderful community that we have! Carol, thank you again for a great presentation!

Natasja E-

A wonderful chance to discuss many different dietary approaches with Carol’s magnificent chart!

Joan L-

Another great evening with like-minded people. Thank you, Carol, for all that you do. You are a marvel!

Elizabeth V-

Carol thank you for continuing to educate! Being around like minded people reenergized me and convinced me to try not to stray from healthy eating as I did while traveling!

Wendy B-

And a big HUGE thank you to for last night’s presentation. Wow…we’re still resonating in your wonder and depth of knowledge. It was an unbelievable presentation that you had shared with our team and clients. Your sense of communication, approachability and experience are simply delicious.

Kim A-

You have such a gentle, gracious, generous spirit…
Love the journey…


Carol – From everything that I have heard, you did an amazing job with your presentation and demonstrations!  You made a difference in the lives you touched last night.

Susan V-

I am thankful for the world you have opened up to us. Not only introducing us to some very nice people, but, also making us aware of the endless possibilities of obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sylvia C-

You have brought this way of living  into our realm and it just opens up all possibilities, not only to eat healthier, but to think and appreciate your surroundings. I walked away last night, so inspired, I had a hard time sleeping.

I can never say it enough, thank you, thank you.

Sylvia C-

Thank you again Carol for your time and efforts.  You have changed lives!  I appreciate you!
Thanks again!  I am feeling better every day!—thanks to you!

Terrie H-

Most awesome cooking school ever! Healthy and delicious

Monica S-

You had an aura and glowed last night.  I think it is because you are following your true path, helping so many people.  This is what you were surely meant to do with all your talents in cooking, presenting, and your scientific and medical background.  And you have the unusual energy that only very successful driven people have.

Wendy B-

What gratifies me about the work of interventional nutrition is seeing others change the course of their lives when they achieve successful outcomes and have a renewed sense of optimism and control about their health.

What sets me apart from other nutritionists is my unique approach has resulted in a solution that includes a keen understanding from the inside and outside of the problem and my approach to live, love and eat.

After graduating with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Carol attended graduate school at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and then earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rosalind Franklin University of Science and Medicine/The Chicago Medical School.  Her professional associations include the American Nutrition Association, the Institute for Functional Medicine, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, American College of Nutrition, Union of Concerned Scientists and the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists.
847 -894 -7581

I saw many people who had advanced heart disease and I was so frustrated because I knew if they just knew how to do the right thing, simple lifestyle and diet steps, that the entire trajectory of their life and health would have been different.– Mehmet Oz